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The crocodile club, Haikou countryside






Situated next to the volcano park and surrounded by ancient villages, farms and cycle routes lies 人民骑兵营 ren min qi bing ying or what I like to call the crocodile club... and yes they also have a crocodile

Crocodile club is around 30km from Haikou’s green park and is a bus ride and a 5km car ride which the hotel will provide free of charge.


Travel from downtown can be arranged for a maximum of 15 people, one way is 200 yuan total round trip 400. This can be arranged through the managements contact at the bottom of the page


The hostel is a renovated old primary school, which was abandoned for 8 years prior to the renovation, they have been in business around 1 year from the date of this post.


The hotel has


-          Air conditioned rooms


-          Lockers (in the dorm rooms)


-          Wi-Fi


-          A bar


-          A Restaurant


-          Comfortable beds


-          Towels


-          Showers with hot water


-          Clothes drying area


-          Conference rooms with projectors


-          Camping area (8 tents already set-up on wooden platforms provided by the hotel)


-          Outdoor seating areas/BBQ area


-          A sand pit around 10m x 20m with slides, children’s playing apparatus


-          Pool tables


-          Mountain bike rental, suitable for ages 3+ (Bikes are also modern, clean and well serviced) around 100+ bicycles


-          Stage area suitable for around 300 people  


-          A crocodile




Don't worry the crocodile is surrounded by high walls with a cage protecting the top, it's around 2 feet long!



What’s in the area?


Within a 5km radius of the hotel there are 10 places of interest which the hotel would recommend visiting, among those are the caves, Volcano Park, farm and ancient villages. The majority of the routes are clearly marked along the route, the hotel will provide you with a map that’s easy to follow and with places marked in Chinese, if you need to ask for directions. The roads are well laid and there’s little traffic, which makes it safe for riding. 

Map of local area provided by hostel


 Rates of rooms



Tents can be rented for 80 yuan a night and are really only comfortable for two people plus gear. It is free to take your own tent and pitch within the site. Tents can be bought at Decathlon at 日月广长  Ri yue guang chang



Dorm room


Dorms are separated by male and female with males on the 3rd floor and females on the second floor. The door rooms have 4 beds in each room and one shower. A night in a dorm room is 50 yuan



Standard double room


Double room (one double bed and one single) with, Wi-Fi, TV and personnel shower room and toilet starts from 268 yuan a night


King size double room


Same as above with larger bed is 298 yuan



Bike rental


Bikes can be rented for 20 yuan for one hour, 50 yuan for half a day or 80 for the full day. There must be over 100 bicycles and they’re in good working order.






At present the hostel doesn’t have a set menu, you just have to go to the kitchen on the day and see what they have (everything is Chinese style) the hostel offers package meals for groups starting at 400 yuan. When I stayed the night, I ate tofu, fried pork and vegetables, soup and rice which was nice.


How to get there?


Take Bus number 1 from evergreen park to the volcano park which takes around 1 hour 53 minutes, from there you can either get a cab or speak with the manager of the hotel (contact provided below) and he can arrange for someone to collect you from the volcano park, please give a few hours notice before your arrival to ensure you can be collected. Total trip from green park is around 35km


For detail on how to get to the volcano park, please check out my forum post on the 72 caves and Rong Tang village, which is also close by the hotel





The staff at the hostel don't speak English but the manager can speak a little and mainly communicates through wechat, he has an assistant that can speak English

Hotel manager contact details (speaks little English)

WeChat ID: CAPF0415

Number 13337512408


Contact for booking or collection


If you would like a little extra help finding the place you may also contact me


wechat ID jake_canning

















This is a great post and actually it would make a good article for the website. Can you send me the photos and I'll put it up...


I'll send a baidu cloud link to you tonight with all the information. Photos were provided by the hotel I should of added to the article.

Hi Jake, don't forget to send me the files .... foot-in-mouth